Living History Days

The Presidio Museum’s Living History Days brings the Presidio alive allowing visitors to get a feel for what life in the Presidio would have been like during the late 18th-century New Spain Period and the 19th-century Territorial Period. A variety of demonstrations, including blacksmithing, food preparation and tasting, soldier drills and cannon firing, and Presidio-era children’s games, can be enjoyed at each event. Each Living History Day also features a theme with unique activities, making each event worth attending whether or not you have previously attended.

The Living History Days season runs from October through April each year. Events are held from 10 am-2 pm. Upcoming dates and themes are listed below. Check our Calendar of Events for more details.

**October 21, 2023 – Crime in Arizona (Solve a murder related to the
legend of La Llorona!)
**November 18, 2023 – Garrisons of the Frontier (Honoring our Veterans)
**December 9, 2023 – Presidio Holiday Celebration
**January 13, 2024 – Trades, Skills, and Crafts of the Presidio Museum
**February 10, 2024 – Statehood Celebration
**March 9, 2024 – Tucson’s Irish Connection
**April 13, 2024 – Horticulture in the Southwest (This event will include a Scavenger Hunt!)


Cultural Events

The Presidio Museum’s Cultural Events celebrate our rich heritage and how Tucson has come to have the vibrant culture it enjoys today. Hours of each event vary. Check our Calendar of Events for more details.

**August 19, 2023 – Celebration of All Things S-cuk Son/Tucson (Recognizing the founding date of the Presidio San Agustín and celebrates our local heritage and culture)
**September 16, 2023 – Mexican Independence Day (With an offical Grito delivered by a representative from the Mexican Consulate)
**October 25-November 5, 2023 – Dia de los Muertos Ofrendas (altars) Display – Click here for Ofrenda application and information.
**March 30, 2024 – Native Nations Day (Celebrate the culture and history of the local indigenous tribes with educational demonstrations and craft market)