Many Worlds: Native Life Along the Anza Trail Activity Book, by Katherine Brumage


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Many Worlds: Native Life Along the Anza Trail Activity Book – December 1, 2012

An activity book for youngsters with stickers and games

In 1775, Spain sent the Anza expedition to explore and settle California, its ”new” territory. But California was not new to the hundreds of thousands of native people who had lived here for millennia.
Many Worlds provides young people with an engaging and informative window into the California Indian world. Read Ajachemem star-myths, guide a Chumash plank canoe (tomol) through a coastal maze to the Channel Islands, identify traditional Kumeyaay foods, learn to count in Quechan, and do much more using stickers, colored pencils, and your imagination to explore the richness of California Indian life along the Anza Trail.

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