Historic Tales of Territorial Tucson: 1854-1912 by David Devine


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Historic Tales of Territorial Tucson: 1854-1912 (American Chronicles) Paperback – November 2, 2020

Tucson was originally settled in 1775, and the Gadsden Purchase brought the tiny settlement on the Santa Cruz River into the United States in 1854. In the decades leading up to Arizona’s statehood in 1912, the territory’s largest city was rife with excitement. A seven-headed, four-hundred-foot-long sea serpent prophesied to the townsfolk. Lady bicyclists caused an uproar with their “divided skirts.” The new railroad brought three presidents to town. From the city’s brief time in the Confederacy to its crusades against drinking and gambling, from bullfighting rings to sanitariums, author Dave Devine relates stories of the little-known, sometimes lighthearted and often unusual events and personalities of Tucson.
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