* Salon and Saloon - Featuring Homer Thiel 2:00 p.m

Salon and Saloon – A Lecture Series
Featuring Homer Thiel:“Undertakers of Territorial Tucson”

Join us for this Halloween-inspired talk. Historical Archaeologist Homer Thiel will describe the life and activities of Tucson’s first undertaker, E. J. Smith, who arrived in 1878. He and his successors dramatically changed how Tucsonans treated their deceased family members and friends.

Homer Thiel was one of the principal archaeologists uncovering portions of the Tucson Presidio. He has also excavated the San Agustin Mission, downtown blocks in Tucson and Phoenix and has conducted genealogical research of Tucsonans prior to 1856. He is one of the leading authorities on early Tucson families.

Saturday, October 28th
2:00 p.m.

At The Dusty Monk Pub. Across the street from the Presidio, 201 N. Court Avenue.
$5 at door.