History of the Trust

The Presidio Trust for Historic Preservation is a non-profit organization that works in conjunction with the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Department to support the Presidio San Agustín.  The Trust provides the financial and volunteer resources for the majority of the educational programs presented at the Presidio. 

The Trust was founded in 1984 by Lewis Hall, who had two goals; to raise awareness of southern Arizona's Spanish and Mexican heritage and to push for the reconstruction of portions of the adobe-walled fortress that stood in what is now downtown Tucson, established in 1775 and in use until 1856.

Mr. Hall passed away in 1998 before seeing his dream come to fruition. However, with the support of local voters, the City of Tucson reconstructed the north-east corner of the Royal Presidio de San Agustín del Tucson as part of the downtown redevelopment district known as Rio Nuevo. The property was then turned over to the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Department. The Tucson Presidio Trust has acted as a friends organization, bringing life into the adobe walls with our living history program, developing educational programs, and financially assisting the programs of the Presidio.





Plaque of Lewis Hall that hangs in the Presidio Courtyard.