Venue Rental

Renting the Presidio for Events

The Presidio allows event hosts to add a touch of history to their weddings, receptions, dinners and parties. All event set-up must begin after the Museum closes, which is at 4 pm, unless arranged with Presidio administration in advance. Two spaces in the Presidio are available for rent and are listed below. There is an additional $500 fee for weddings added to the rates below.

Territorial Patio - $450 for first 4 hours, $50/each additional hour

The Territorial Patio is an intimate space that can accommodate the following number of people based on the seating arrangement:

  • 70 people for a sit-down meal seated at 5-foot round tables
  • 75 for a reception with cocktail tables
  • 95 people for a sit-down meal seated at 6 foot rectangular tables
  • 100 for any kind of concert or seminar with chairs placed in rows

Entire Presidio Enclosure - $800 for first 4 hours, $100 each additional hour 

The entire Presidio Enclosure includes both the Territorial Patio and the Presidio Courtyard, allowing for different activities to occur in each area or to accommodate larger groups. The two spaces together can accommodate the following number of people based on the seating arrangement:

  • 300 for a sit-down meal seated at 6-foot round tables
  • 375 for a reception with cocktail tables
  • Any large concert or seminar would have to be done in the Presidio Courtyard.

Additional historic demonstrations can be reserved for an extra fee upon availability:Special Event Rentals at the Presidio Museum

  • Soldier Demonstration with musket firing – $50 per soldier. Includes an explanation of the uniforms, equipment, training, and the firing of a musket, 20 minutes firing demonstration plus a half-hour of background “entertainment,” informal interpretive question and answer with guests
  • Old and New World Food Display - $25 for one interpreter, $40 for two interpreters, 1 hour demo. Best presented as background “entertainment”, informal interpretive question and answer with guests.  This display presents foods brought from the Old World and harvested here as well as native foods found locally that were staples for Native Americans and settlers alike.
  • Fresh hand-made tortillas and tasting demonstration by Señoras of the Presidio – $125 for two hours includes all preparation and supplies.
  • Cotton/Wool Carding, Spinning, and Weaving on a loom - $25 for one interpreter, $40 for two interpreters, 1 hour demo. Best presented as background “entertainment”, informal interpretive question and answer with guests.   Señoras of the Presidio demonstrate an important skill of the period including carding cotton bolls that have come directly from the plant, spinning the fibers into yarn on a drop spindle or on spinning wheel. 
  • Off-Site Walking Tour of Original Presidio Footprint - $50 per tour guide, allow 45 minutes. Maximum 20 people per Museum guide. Walk back in time along the footprint of the original Presidio.  As you walk by today’s city buildings you will envision the stables, Comandante’s home, and main gate of the original Presidio along with many other details.
Catering special events at the Presidio Museum

Tables, Chairs, Event Supply Rentals

Event hosts also have access to 100 chairs, 25 6-foot rectangular tables, and 8 5-foot round tables.  Linen rentals are strongly suggested if using these tables. Linens are NOT available for these tables on site.The Presidio staff will set up and take down these tables and chairs for an additional charge of $150.  Hosts may also opt to provide a REFUNDABLE deposit of $150 if they want to set up and take down the chairs and tables on their own. To receive a refund on your deposit, hosts must take down and store all tables and chairs at the end of the event so that the Museum is ready to receive visitors at the open of business the next day. Any other facility and event needs must be rented and delivered by a third party.  This includes linens, heat lamps, stanchions, sound equipment, pedestals and altars.  A list of local party supply vendors can be provided.

Rental Deposit and Final Payment

Upon booking, a $100 deposit is due to hold the space. An additional $150 deposit is also due at this time if the renter wants to set up the tables and chairs on their own. Should the event be cancelled more than one month out, the deposit(s) will be refunded.  Cancellation less than once month out will result in the Presidio Museum retaining the entire amount of the deposit(s).

Presidio Museum Rental Contact: 

April Bourie, Marketing & Sales Director 
Presidio San Agustín del Tucson 
196 N. Court Ave. 
Tucson, AZ 85701


All catering and alcohol must be provided by La Cocina, the food and beverage partner of the Presidio Museum. (La Cocina restaurant is located across the street from the Museum.) Standard buffet menus are available, but customized menus can also be created. Additional deposits are required for catering, and event hosts must schedule catering orders directly with La Cocina.


Catering Contact:  

Jo Schneider
La Cocina
201 N. Court Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85701