* Salon and Saloon - A Lecture Series: “Arizona Entertainment - Spaniards to Statehood" - Sept. 28, 2 pm

Salon and Saloon – A Lecture Series
Saturday, September 28
2 pm at The Dusty Monk Pub, 201 N. Court Ave.

Featuring Dr. Jim Turner speaking on “Arizona Entertainment - Spaniards to Statehood"

From maromas (Mexican acrobats) to John Philip Sousa's military band, no matter how tough life was, Tucsonans always knew how to have fun! Historian Jim Turner has been collecting anecdotes from memoirs, old newspapers, and oral histories for more than three decades and has found that you can have a good time talking about how people used to have a good time.
Price: $5 at the door.


Image: “Jarabe Tapatio”, by artist Eduardo Cataño. Also known as the Mexican Hat Dance.