The Reconstruction


Archaeological excavation at the Presidio site, at the corner of Court and Washington Streets in downtown Tucson, was completed in February 2006.  The archaeological excavation revealed an Archaic era pit-house, the foundation of the corner of the original Presidio and a number of objects ranging from Archaic pot sherds to Territorial period dishes, bottles and tools.

 Construction of the re-built Presidio included a 20 foot tall adobe tower (torreon) and the high adobe walls known to be part of the original Presidio.  The reconstruction incorporated an original adobe house from the Territorial period, the Jacomé-Siquieros family home, that sits on Court St. It houses the museum and gift shop.  The reconstruction features only a small corner of the original Presidio. It includes a small enclosure, a store house, adobe brick piles and a Territorial plaza with an original heritage plants.


To provide a view into the remainder of what the 11-acre presidio would have looked like a large mural was painted on the south wall. The mural was painted by Tucson artist Bill Singleton.

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